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Our Mission

At MCH, we believe each child possesses a unique personality and learning style. Our skilled teachers respect the intrinsic value in each child and foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We create individualized learning environments that make education engaging, substantive, and fun. Our students are proudly independent, while at the same time part of an interdependent community of learners ready to make their own unique contribution to our ever-evolving world.

To fulfill our mission, the staff, parents and board of directors follow these guiding principles:

  • Recognize the value of a traditional Montessori education that supports both the academic and social development of the child, while embracing the creative contributions made by our highly trained and motivated teachers.
  • Promote “Education for Peace” by creating an environment in which children experience and learn about the interconnectedness of life and the rich diversity of the world’s cultures.
  • Cultivate a climate of mutual respect, collaborative effort and critical inquiry that encourages all of MCH’s constituents to preserve and enrich the school’s unique educational community
  • Attract families who value Montessori education and who will actively contribute to the school’s mission and goals by volunteering their time, skills and resources.
  • Maintain a diverse parent body that reflects San Francisco’s rich urban environment. 
  • Promote family education by offering parents classes on Montessori philosophy and curriculum, contemporary education and parenting classes.
  • Support our staff to continue their professional development and help them define short-and long-term career goals.