Parent Involvement

MCH has an active, engaged and caring community of families. Parental involvement is an integral part of our school. Parents’ interest and engagement send children a positive message both about school and the importance of community participation.

Parent Volunteering
Each family is required to volunteer 18 hours per year. Parents may contribute their talents in many ways, including giving special class presentations, planning social events, serving at our Friday family-style hot lunch, assisting with repairs and maintenance, supervising at park play, volunteering for board and board committee work, and coordinating fundraising events. MCH has many volunteer opportunities for both working and non-working parents.

Parent Education
Each year MCH hosts several Parent Education evenings. Topics include The Montessori Curriculum, Positive Discipline, Bringing Montessori Home and The SF Kindergarten Application Process.

Parent Fundraising
As with most independent preschools, MCH has a gap between its annual tuition and the actual costs per child. To close that gap and provide the finest possible education for our students, MCH families are actively involved in fundraising events such as the Annual Fund, Escrip, Book Fair and the Spring Auction Gala.

Monthly Park Plays
On the first Saturday of each month, MCH families have the opportunity to meet at a designated playground in San Francisco. Children love to see their friends outside of school, and parents have an opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Social Events
MCH parents and staff organize several fun events during the school year, including the annual Back to School Picnic and Halloween Party, as well as adults-only classroom cocktail parties and a Diversity Potluck dinner.

                            "The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind."    
                                                       - Maria Montessori