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A health note from Nate's parents

posted Nov 22, 2010, 11:43 AM by Unknown user
Hi all MCHers.  With cold and flu season upon us, we consulted with a doctor at Getzwell Pediatrics (http://getzwell.com/
) re what supplements to give our son Nate in order to strengthen his immunity. He seems to have been sick much more than a lot of other kids. We got to a point of feeling a bit desperate as to what to do in dealing with all the ongoing colds and flus. Once he got sick, we usually followed soon afterwards. Hence, seeking this holistic doctor's advice as a means to mitigate this ongoing problem. She also recommended what us adults should take in order to build up our immunity during the upcoming winter flu and cold season. We have been following the doctors advice during the last 6 weeks and so far all have been healthy and we adults have much more energy.  Other parents on the same regimen swear by it as well.

We make daily protein shakes (recipe below) and also take the additional suggested vitamins and supplements. All the ingredients can be purchased at Whole Foods, Rainbow Groceries or specialty health stores. The list below might seem a bit overwhelming, but the most time consuming exercise is to buy everything. Once you have it down, it is quite easy to take everything daily.

Hope this helps to keep you all healthy.

Kobus and Jeff (Nate-Oak)