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Friday Packet, January 14, 2011

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Calendar Reminder

               17 Jan. Mon....Martin Luther King Jr. Day, School Closed

               19 Jan. Wed…Board Meeting, 6:30pm in the Redwood Room, all welcome

               20 Jan. Thu....Parent Education Evening, 6:00-8:00pm,  ltd childcare- pls  sign-up

               27 Jan, Thu....Emergency Phone Tree Test

               28 Jan. Fri……TAP Applications due, see application attached

               28 Jan, Fri……Contracts for 2011-2012 will be placed in your mailboxes

               26 Feb, Sat.....Diversity Soiree, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, location TBD


“From such a system there comes forth a school where the children work for themselves - that is, they are free. In this freedom they work much more than heretofore has been customary in school...and they attain culture more rapidly and more efficaciously... This educational problem, which today science propounds, is solved, though it was considered among the insoluble questions such as the fourth dimension, perpetual motion, and the squaring of the circle. The problem is to lessen effort and at the same time increase output.”

 -- Dr. Maria Montessori


From the Diversity Committee

Don't forget to attend next week's Parent Education Night!

The RSVP sheet is on the bulletin board.  Childcare is available (space is limited, but there is still plenty of room!  Remember to mention if your child would like pizza - $5.00).

"We Are More Alike Than We Are Different: Encouraging Our Children To Support Each Other's Differences"

Thursday, January 20th

6:00 to 8:00pm

In the Oak Room

All children have strengths and challenges. All children want to be accepted for who they are.

Janet Green Babb and Todd Wanerman will lead an engaging discussion about supporting and embracing developmental and behavioral challenges during the preschool years.  The evening will emphasize respect, empathy and acceptance of our differences.  Our differences are what make us unique and what make the MCH community vibrant!

We hope to see you on Thursday night!

From the Director’s Desk

Keeping our Conversations in Check about the Kindergarten Application Process

Most of our Pre/K families are in the middle of the kindergarten application process: attending open houses and school functions, undergoing parent interviews and student screenings and play dates.  This is a very stressful process for parents and for children. We're trying to allow children to really just enjoy the visits but also keep their focus and enjoyment on this year and on MCH.  To this end, we council families to not talk about this process in front of their child and to not talk about what school’s other children might be applying too.  We really don’t want children immersed in this process.  We want them free of this stress.  Please check your conversations regarding kindergarten in front of the children.

Tuition Assistance Applications

TAP applications are available in the office.  Completed applications are due on Friday, January 28. Please see Curt if you have any questions about TAP or about the application process.

Diversity Soiree

The Diversity Committee is looking for an MCH family to host the Diversity Soiree on February 26th.  Attendance is normally around 50 adults. If you would like to host this really fun event in your home,  please contact Curt in the office.


From The Teachers

A Request and a Plea!  Please arrive at school between 8:00 and 8:30am and leave the classroom by 8:30am so we can start our morning Montessori activity time! If you arrive after 8:30am say your goodbyes at the entrance to the classroom and a teacher will greet and escort your child into the room.  Late arrivals are getting to be a real problem for our classroom management.


Annual Fund Update

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the dozens of families and MCH staff who have already contributed to the Annual Fund, an important source of support for MCH.  If you still haven’t given yet, I’m sure you can find a reason to make that pledge or gift today:

  • You’ve been meaning to do it & just haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  • You want to role model charitable giving for your young one.
  • You get to see, on a daily basis, a return on your money.
  • The school is counting on you.
  • You love MCH.

We are hoping to have 100% participation by the end of the month so we can all turn our attention towards the exciting MCH Auction.  Please make your gift or pledge, of any size, and help us achieve our goal of 100% participation.  Please give your gift to Nina or see her for a pledge form.


From the Parents

My wonderful Nanny "Martha Hernandez" (56 yrs old) is in need of a new family to work with.

Now that we have Ezaura in full time at MCH, I don't have enough hours for her--- I truly wish I did as I love having her around.

Martha can work full time 8:30 or 9am - to 5 or 5:30 pm (5 days a week) or she can work as few as three days a week- she would prefer to find a family with a young child so that she can work with them for a long duration.

She lives in San Bruno and commutes via train, bus, and/or bart to SF.  She does not drive, but knows how to navigate the public transportation systems.

Martha is truly a wonderful nanny/mommies helper.  She is very loving and 100% attentive to the kids.  She can play with them hours on end on the floor engaging them in whatever game they are playing.   I wish I had the stamina/attention span she did.   Ezaura even asks for her on the weekends and I have to explain that Martha needs a rest to spend time with her own family   ;-)  Cute!

Martha also loves to cook and makes wonderful soups and other meals when the kids are napping, etc.  She also does light house keeping (making beds, cleaning up counters, organizing kids clothes drawers and toys, etc).  A true team player!

Martha understands English, but does not speak it, so the kids and I have learned Spanish over the years.  In my case "Spanglish".   I have found that to be a plus as I really wanted my kids to be bilingual in Spanish and English.

Please contact me if you have an interest in talking to her or if you have any questions.  I would love to find her a good family to work with.  my email cbaroumand@gmail.com  my cell is 415-308-0425

Thanks and Happy New Year,  Cynthia  (Ezaura - Redwood and Brock's mommy)