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Friday Packet

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MCH Friday Packet  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Calendar Reminder

                9 Sept, Thu .......Morning Coffee Social after drop-off - 8:30-10:00am

                TBD Sept, ……….Testing of the Emergency Alert System (Phone tree)

                21 Sept, Tue…….Board Meeting 6:30pm in the Redwood Room

                23 Sept, Thu ......1st K- Appl. Info. – Pre-K only – 6:00-7:30pm

                27-29 Sept, Mo-Wed……New Family Parent/Teacher Conferences

                28 Sept, Tue ……Coffee with Curt – Bunny Room – 8:30-9:30am

               30 Sept, Thu ……Back-to-School Night - 6:00-8:00pm (ltd childcare)


Each Friday parents will receive this Friday Packet.  It contains announcements from Curt, Board Members, Nina, teachers, and parents.  Included will also be a copy of any emails and other information that have been sent to parents during the course of the week.  It is essential that all parents read the Friday Packet to learn about upcoming events at the school.  The Friday packets are sent via the MCH Google Group mail.  However, if you prefer to get a hard copy, please let Nina know.  The Friday packet is also posted on the Bulletin Board.


From the Director’s Desk

Welcome to the start of a new school year!  A special welcome to all the new MCH families who are joining our great community. We are all so pleased that you are with us.  It is not hard to understand why MCH has such a glowing reputation in the broader San Francisco community as a great place for children and families. Not only are the teachers and staff talented, skilled, warm and inviting, creating a stellar educational experience for children, MCH parents reflect that same gracious attitude.  What a wonderful model for children, and it embodies fully the Montessori concept of “Grace and Courtesy”. 

The start of school can often be emotional, especially for parents and children new to the program.  The transition from being at home or on vacation to the routine of school and classroom is not always easy.  This is to be expected.  Transitions are difficult for young children which is why our program does not vary from day-to-day.  Keeping to a routine each morning is helpful in the transition.  Talk to your child about what will happen at school before you leave the house or while you are in the car.  “When we get to school I will walk you in, we will find a work to do together and then I will give you a hug, a kiss and then say good bye.  I will be back to pick you up at ……”  Keeping to that routine is important even under the duress of tears and leg holds.  As long as you keep a positive attitude and are confident that this is a great place for your child then your child will pick up on your confidence.

Teachers are always there to help with your transition out the door.  We will call you if there are prolonged tears or distress.   Please remember that most children will settle in to happy activity within five to ten minutes after your departure.  Montessori Children’s House is especially designed to meet the developmental needs of your child and is quite appealing to them.

It is just the first week of school and everyone has settled in quite nicely. There is a great order and engagement in the classrooms.  I look forward to getting to know all of the new families better. If you have any questions about how to be more involved in the community, please check the school’s bulletin board under parent participation or talk to Nina or myself.  Don’t forget - you are always welcome to drop in and talk to me personally about any issue. 


Extra Curricular Classes at MCH

Our afternoon extra curricular classes begin the week of Sept. 13.  These special classes give MCH children the opportunity to participate in unique specialty classes without having to leave the school. It is a convenient way for MCH families to enrich their child’s learning. 

Here’s how they work!   The class is held at 3:15pm at various locations in the school. Children attending the class will be taken to the Bunny Room by their classroom teacher at 3:00pm where Maria and Cheryl will supervise them until the teacher arrives.  The special class teacher picks up the children at the Bunny Room just before 3:15pm and takes them to their class.  Children who are attending an extra curricular class and not staying until 3:00 can be dropped off at 3:15pm by the Bunny Room.  Snack will be provided either in the Bunny Room or during the class.  Pick up is at 4:00pm by the Bulletin Boards, unless your child is signed up for late day and is staying past 4:00pm.  Late day children will be brought back to the Bunny Room.

Below are a list of the classes being offered this semester and a little about the teachers who will be teaching the classes:

Mondays:   Spanish with Maria Fernanda Cooperstein.   Fernanda is originally from Argentina and is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires.  She has taught Spanish for many years, most recently at the Berkeley Language Institute and the Montessori House of Children here in San Francisco.  She uses lots of manipulatives, games, songs and movement to teach basic Spanish vocabulary and culture.  Fernanda’s class will be taught in the Nap Room.

Tuesdays:   Music with Gay Brodsky.  Gay has taught music in the area for many years.  She has been the music and movement teacher at the local Mother Goose School for many years.  She is a certified Music Together teacher.  Gay teaches basic music concepts – rhythm, pitch, movement and melody using movement, songs and instruments.  She herself plays the piano, guitar, flute and violin.  Gay’s music class is taught in the Nap Room.

Wednesdays:   Soccer Practice. This class is not under the auspices of the school but is organized by Soccer and Smiles and is held off site at Mountain Lake Park.   Flyers for the class will appear in your mailbox.  You must contact Soccer and Smiles to register www.soccerandsmiles.com, 1-650-592-2398. You will also need to find transportation from MCH to Mountain Lake Park…many parents car pool.  A list of children participating will be published so you can find a car pool if needed.

Thursdays:   Chinese Mandarin.  Yuhong Yao is a native speaker.  She had taught in a variety of schools in San Francisco for many years.  Yao is also an accomplished artist and combines her teaching with lots of art and movement.

Fridays:   Gymnastics with Fitness in Transit.  Fitness in Transit has provided gymnastics classes at MCH for many years.  This is a very popular program that children and parent dearly love.  Heather Bear and her teachers bring all their equipment and set up in the Oak Room.  The teachers are quite skilled and provide an excellent curriculum.   This class will fill up very fast so, sign up soon.

When you sign up for a class, you sign up for 5 months (1/2 year).  The class dates and cost per class are listed on the sign up sheet.  You can try the class for two classes to see whether your child takes to the class and drop the class anytime during that time.  You will be billed for the classes you take but not for the whole semester.   After two classes you will be committed to paying for the full session.   Nina will invoice you for the classes at the beginning of October. If you decide to drop the class, make sure you tell us before billing goes out.

As always if you have questions about the classes, please don’t hesitate to talk to Nina or Curt.


From Nina’s Desk

Coffee Social on Thursday, September 9

Don’t forget to stop by the Fireside Room (past the bathrooms and upstairs) to meet the MCH community over a cup of coffee and bagels.

MCH Social Committee Co-Chairs Rebecca Casperson (Calvin, Redwood) rebeccakipp@yahoo.com  and Christine Fabi (Alex-Oak) c_fabi@yahoo.com,  are the organizers. Please contact them if you’d like to help!!

Friday Hot Lunch Program

Today will be pizza, next week pasta.  The lunch is always served with a vegetable and a fruit. The program is only available to children who stay for regular lunch.  We always need Hot Lunch helpers.  It’s a popular Parent Participation job since you get to be in your child’s classroom and meet other parents.  You can sign up on a weekly basis; the sign-up sheet is on the Bulletin Board.

PS: We still need a Hot Lunch Coordinator. It’s an all year Parent Participation job which involves checking that there are enough Hot Lunch helpers signed up each week.  Please consider this opportunity and let me know of your decision. Thanks!

Park-Play sign-up

New parents, please delay signing up until late October or until your child is used to the routine and (somewhat) willing to share their parent with other children.  Park Play helpers earn 3 Parent Participation hours each time.  You can sign up where there is an open spot on the sign-up sheet - on the Bulletin Board and soon you’ll be able to sign up on our user-friendly Google internal website. Our goal is to have all the parents, whose children participate in the Park Play program, to sign up to volunteer as chaperons in advance.

Back to School Night – Thursday Sept. 30   6 – 8 pm

It is imperative that all families attend this meeting.  This is your school, start the year on the right note and come to this first community event!

We’ll start upstairs in the Sanctuary with introductions of the staff and the board, important committees and coming events and then move downstairs to the respective classrooms, where the teachers will talk about the year ahead.  There will be refreshments and some social time as well.

The RSVP and sign-up list for Back to School Night childcare (6:00-8:00) will be posted on the bulletin board in a couple of weeks.  Childcare is limited to 14 children; please remember that priority goes to current MCH students.  Older siblings are welcome only if and when there is room, but younger siblings need to stay home.

Tuition Invoices

Monthly invoices will be in your mailboxes on the first day of each month.  Please look at them carefully and let me know if I need to make corrections before I perform the auto debit on the

6th business day of the month.  Semi-annual invoices will be in the mailboxes on the first day of September and the first day of February.  Each cover 5 months and are payable by check on the 6th business day.  Please remember that the tuition covers 10 months of school, the monthly payments are divided into 10 equal parts or for semi-annual payments, 2 equal parts.

Extra curricular classes and Friday Hot Lunches are billed with the tuition invoice for 5 months on Oct. 1st and for 5 months Feb. 1st.

MCH Emergency Cards

The Emergency cards, which are kept on Nina’s desk are the most important tools for us in case of an emergency.  Please be sure to notify Nina immediately of any changes to your phone numbers, address, people authorized to pick up your child etc.  We need to have the name and telephone number of each nanny, grandparent, friend etc. who has your permission to pick up your child.  We will not let anyone pick up your child unless they are listed on the Emergency Card by you.

Some facts for you to make a note of:

MCH web-site www.mchsf.com,  MCH Federal Tax ID: 94-2567152

Labels on Everything

Please, please, please, remember to label all your children’s clothes.  We try to keep the “Lost and Found” pile to a minimum.  You can order labels through Mabel’s Labels www.mabel.ca/

From the Board

Board Meeting

The next MCH Board Meeting is Tuesday, September 21, beginning at 6:30pm in the Redwood Room.  Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Please notify Molly Wadhwani (Anna, Redwood), President of the Board, if you would like to attend. mollyw@gmail.com


Kindergarten Open Houses

As flyers come across my desk (Curt) I will post dates for kindergarten open houses.

A kindergarten binder with all the private and public school notices will be out soon as will a file box containing view books and information about all of the private schools.  This will all be located on the blue table in the entrance hall.

Chinese American International School (CAIS): Thursday, September 23, 9:00 –11:00am.  RSVP at www.cais.org

Cathedral School For Boys: Admission Tours will be held on September 15, 17, 22, 24, and 29.  Tours begin promptly at 8:15am and end at 10:45am.  RSVP to Sylvia Chow 614-5107 or chow@cathedralschool.net.


Please, remember to let Nina know if you’d like to have a hardcopy

of this Friday Packet each week.