Admission Process
& Timeline

Your child must be three years old and toilet trained to enroll at MCH. Most children begin the program on the first official day of school, however, a few students may be admitted in October or November when they turn three.

There are three basic steps for applying to our school:

Step 1 - Take a tour
Group tours are available on select Thursday mornings from 8:45 to 10:30am starting in late September and continuing through mid-January. Tours provide an opportunity to observe our classrooms, talk with teachers, and to meet with the Director and current MCH parents.

Private tours are available upon request.

Step 2 - Apply
Applications are done online through Curracubby. You must participate in a tour in order for your application to be considered. We do not screen children, and there is no formal interview process.

Step 3 - Acceptance
We will notify you of admissions decisions in early March. To ensure that you can make the best choice for your family, MCH partners with other preschools in San Francisco and sends out our acceptance letters on the same date.

If offered a spot at MCH, you have one week to secure it by returning a signed enrollment contract with an enrollment deposit of $1,500. If we are not able to offer your family a place in early March, you may choose to remain in our wait pool. Openings may occur and if this happens, we immediately reach out to families in our wait pool. We ask parents to notify us if they choose not to remain active in the pool.