Montessori Method

Our school’s philosophy is founded on the educational principles developed by world-renowned physician, researcher, peace activist, and educator, Maria Montessori.

The goal of Montessori is to provide a nurturing and inspiring learning environment that encourages children to explore freely and at their own pace. Dr. Montessori learned that when children are really interested, they have a tremendous capacity to concentrate and engage. When children are allowed opportunities to do things on their own, they develop self-esteem and confidence. She also found that there are many learning styles – so she designed classrooms and materials for visual, aural, and kinesthetic learners alike.

Our classrooms are warm, welcoming, and well-structured. Whether children are working in the language, math, geography, science, art or sensory areas, teachers engage and instruct children and remain a quiet, guiding presence, upholding the belief that children learn best through discovery.